Malaysia: Regulation on the rapid underground land development

Since the cities are becoming increasingly overcrowded with development, the underground land development are often take place in the urban area. Many challenge has been face by the development is to be carried out in term of its land use,zoning and the density regarding the planning framework. It is important for Malaysia to be ready with the master plan for underground land development because the element of the planning framework drive to the sustainability of a development.

The Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said a minimum depth for the acquisition of underground land for development process has been agreed by The National Land Council (MTN).

Under the National Land Code (Underground Land) (Minimum Depth) Regulation 2017, they have set a minimum depth for agricultural land is six-meter dept, 10-meter depth for building land and also a 15- meters depth for industrial. It was reported by Bernama

On Nov 30, after the MTN meeting chaired by The Deputy Prime Minister at Parliament House, he said :“This was in line with the needs and requirements of rapid underground land development, such as in the mass rapid transit (MRT), Kuala Lumpur -Singapore High-Speed Rail(HSR) and Bandar Malaysia.”

On the other hand, the Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said that on the 1st December this regulation is expected to implement and had the immediate effect towards it.

This system it would help the landowners not to lose their right towards their land and the regulation was able to give the government to obtain underground land before the value of the land has been increased. Then it was agreed that a proposal on project cross any forest area need to be present first to the ministry by all quarters that involve the construction of public infrastructure. This is to ensure that early reduction measure can be done so that the forest biological diversity would not be destroyed.

An agreement has been come across between Wan Junaidi with the MTN that the implication of the regulation is also needed to preserve the forest reserve in the city.

“All state government need to ensure that a green lung would also be developed in every development project”

“This is a watershed for the country in the conservation of the environment”
Said by The Deputy Prime Minister.