Melaka Monorail has resumed operating after four years suspension

Did you know that the Melaka Monorail had begun operating again this year (2017)?

After four years hiatus, the monorail is finally operating again. The government has spent up to RM16.5 million building it.

Following a few cases of tourists being stranded in the middle of the rail has stopped the operation to prevent more of a similar case due to its technical issue.

Now tourists can enjoy the scenic view of Melaka river by getting on the Melaka Monorail. Melaka City Mayor Datuk Zainal Hussin said, “This gives tourists an extraordinary experience.”

Tickets can be purchased at the first floor of the monorail building at Stesen Tun Ali at a very affordable price, RM10. The operating hours for weekdays is from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. while for the weekends it is extended until midnight.

The train journey starts at Stesen Tun Ali. It will stop at Taman Rempah, The Shore (shopping centre), Pirate Park and Kampung Morten and goes back to Stesen Tun Ali. One coach can accommodate up to 24 persons at a time.

The whole journey will take up around half an hour.