Farewell Ampang Park

Ampang Park Shopping Centre is an iconic mall located in Jalan Ampang. 31 December 2017 is the last day of operation before it is closed down.

The mall will be demolished to build MRT Station.

People from all around Malaysia, especially those who used to hang out and shop at Ampang Park are upset by the fact that it is closed down for good.

They came all the way from various places to make a farewell visit while helping the tenants and shop owners to clear up their stuff by buying them.

Most of the shops held clearance sale while some of them are loading their goods into the lorries to evacuate.

They said it is a bummer that the mall has closed down because it holds so much sweet memories.

The shopping centre was opened in 1973 and last operated in 2017.

Now, the entire mall is empty. No more shops, no more tenants, no more shop owners. The water was also cut down on 1 January 2018.

Some tenants complained that they have nowhere to open shops anymore because this mall is the only hope but they have to comply. Some are moving to other shopping centres because they can afford it.

However, the land acquisition process by the government is still ongoing before the handover to MRT can take place. Nevertheless, tenants were asked to evacuate by 31 December 2017.