2018 application for MyDeposit Scheme has been reopen from 15 December

Good news for those who are planning to buy a new house. MyDeposits Scheme has been reopened their application starting this 15 December 2017 until 15 February 2018. For those who need help on providing with their first house deposit you may send your application on this link.: https://sprn.kpkt.gov.my/

MyDeposits Scheme was announced on budget 2016. These scheme is being provided by the government for those who are in the lower income – middle-income people who wish to buy a house by helping to provide a certain amount of house deposit.

This deposit are only applicable towards houses that is below RM500,000 and the maximum amount of deposit will be given is not more than RM30,000 and the household income of the applicant must not more than RM15,000 a month.

The type of housing you can apply for this scheme will be for new housing or a sub-sale house. This applies only to the private sector of housing that does not receive any subsidy and any government funds.

Any property that has been bought from MyDeposit Scheme are not allowed to sell their houses in the next 10 years starting from the date sale and purchase agreement.

The requirement to apply this scheme is:

  • Malaysian citizen
  • 21 years old and above
  • First home for husband and wife or single *if your spouse owns a first house you are not applicable to apply
  • Household income from RM3000 to RM15,000

The document needs to prepare:

  • A copy of your identity card and spouse
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • A copy of declaration of disability / OKU card ( if needed)
  • Wedding certificate/ death certificate / divorce certificate
  • Statutory declarations single confirmation
  • Self-employed/unemployed declaration
  • Employment confirmation letter from your employer stating your employment/ service status, marital status, monthly salary and duration of services
  • Current payment slip
  • A copy of KWSP
  • Housing offer letter from developer
  • Supporting letter
  • Copy of electricity bills and water bills

For more information on MyDeposit Scheme you can visit these link :
for more enquiry you could email: