New vs Sub-sale: Get to know the difference of these houses!

Looking for a home? Which one to choose? new house or sub-sale? Here you can find more on the differences of property ownership, unit cost and much more between both of this house. You can read this article and decide on which property are the best for your stay!

Property ownership


The first different about the new house or a sub-sale, we need to look at the process of the property ownership. For a new house, the information of the house is easy to get where we could just go to the sales gallery to get all the information about the property and the process to buy the house will be much easier.
Different from sub-sale is where we need to go a few process to get information about the houses, we need to find a good real estate agent, to helps to get information and the process to get the house.

Price and cost


When we look into these houses, we will look into the price of the houses and the cost that we need to prepare for all the things that are needed. Firstly, there will be a major difference in the price of the house. Usually, new houses will be much cheaper than sub-sale, where sub-sale price will be increased depending on the demand for the location and the house.
Secondly, we need to look at the initial stage cost for the new house or a sub-sale. Basically, sub-sale house initial cost will be much more costly compared to a new house.
Example of the initial cost that needs to be considered is:

  • Loan application and processing fees
  • Fire and house insurance
  • Stamp duties
  • Legal fees and cost
  • Initial deposits and many more


Untitled design

The design of the house can be different according to every developer. However, when we look at new house development, the design will be much futuristic or modern concept and some are built with new technology. Compared to the sub-sale, most of the house are old houses the design can be out of date, more simple and maybe there will have little things that need to be change and repair.



The quality of the houses may be the difference. As the example, if we are buying a new house, the quality of the material inside of the house are usually brand new so there is nothing much to change or replace. However, for an old house, sometimes there is a lot of things that need to repair such as doors, windows and many more. Also, we need to be aware of the wiring of the house as bad wiring can be the cause of a fire.
Therefore, you will be less worried about a new house quality compared to the old house to check on overall house maintenance.

House Equipment


House equipment are important house appliance needed in every household, for example, TV monitor, High-speed internet, dishwasher, disposer, closet, kitchen cabinets and many more. So if you are buying a new house, all this thing has to be considered to put in your expenses when moving in. But if you buy sub-sale houses some of them are already fully furnished by previous owners so the cost can be much cheaper.



Having house renovation may need the extra time and also cost. This is when you are buying a new home, the cost for the renovation maybe much lesser and it won’t be time-consuming but if you are having an old house, there will be many things that need to be change and repair. For example, kitchen living room and bathroom are the major part of the house that usually needs to be change or repair.

Facilities and security


Living in a new house can have a much more fun environment and the security of the place can be more secure. This is because most of the new home developer has put on a game plan where all the houses they built are all in a gated community so that it can be easy to maintain and consist of high security. They also have a clubhouse full of facilities in their gated community so that the residence could enjoy any recreational activities including swimming, yoga and many more.
On the other hand, old housing is usually without any clubhouse and have an open concept where people could just come in and out where this may cause of lack security for the residence.