Landed vs Highrise. Which one should I choose?

Looking for the best place to live or invest?? Let’s look into which one is the best type to choose. Here are the differences between landed or highrise property. When we are trying to find for new houses for our own living or for the investment we will look into the differences between all of the house. In this case, this is the difference of landed property and a high-rise property, and also the different size of the unit, surrounding beneficial and the value of the property.

The different space and view of this property

Size of the houses


What can we tell on the differences of living in a landed property and high-rise? The different size of the unit landed property they tend to have a much bigger house than a high rise houses this is because of the space on the land that they built on.

Numbers units of the parking space


The unit for a car park, when we living at a landed property we don’t really have to worry about the parking space. Compare to living in a high-rise building they have limited parking space from 1-2 unit of parking for every house.

Size of extra land


Next, we look into the land of the property, high-rise houses they do have any extra land on their property. If we look at the landed property, every house they will have some extra land on their compound this can be the benefits for allowing children to have space to play around and when you have a guest to your house you can have the extra spaces.

Sceneries of the location


Lastly, the difference between this two property is that the advantages of the view. For example, high-rise building they will have the benefits of having the whole view of the beautiful city or town. For landed property, they will tend to have a limited view of the scenery, but if they are living at a location with an overview scenery it can be spectacular.

The residential surrounding beneficial

City distance from the property

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The difference on the surrounding beneficial is that we can look at the difference of distance to the city, usually landed house is located away from the city and high-rise are located near or in the city itself.

The accessibility of public transportation


Secondly, when we look at the difference of transportation as if we are living in a place that is outside of the city we will need our own private transportation because the accessibility towards public transportation is limited. Compare to living in a high-rise building the public transportation is much more easier to access because of the demand for that kind of houses.

Privacy of the property


Next, we will look into the privacy of the household, as you can see that living in a landed house can have more privacy compare to living in a high-rise building. It is because of landed property we will have our own compound as it is not disturbed by others. If in high-rise building the privacy is limited as people always walk around in front of our hallways and also if we wanted to have a small dinner with family and friend the noise that we make might disturb our next neighbor.

The convenience shop and shopping mall


Convenience shop and shopping mall, high-rise building usually they have the convenience of accessing to the shopping mall or any convenient shop as it located just around them. As for some landed houses, they will have to drive to the nearest city or town to have the accessibilities on the shopping mall.

The facilities


Having facilities around is very convenience, the difference here is that high-rise building is been provided with full facilities compare to the landed property there are no facilities provided unless it is a public park that everyone is able to access to it. If in a high-rise, the facilities that have been provided for example: gym, park, sports hall anything that is convenience towards the residence.This is why some people they are much preferable to live in high-rise building because of the facilities that have been provided.

The security


In current development, every type of house been provided with security but the difference is the security of the security.If for landed property, they are built in a gated community and the security might not be as tight as a high-rise building. For a high-rise building, they usually have a very tight of security where people that come in and out need to have their access card or registered at the security office.Someone the high-rise unit they even need the access card to use the lift.

Value of property

Buying cost of the house


When we want to buy or invest in a property, firstly we will look at the budget on how much that we could spend to invest. After that, we can look into the value of the property, which property is suited for our budget. Usually landed property is much more expensive if it is located near to the city but we have it at a lower price outside of city area. High-rise building is much cheaper than landed property if we are looking to buy it in the city area. But the buying cost of these type property usually depends on the location of the property and also the size of the property.

Rental return rate


Some of us are looking to make our property as an investment, we can look at the return of the rental rate between this two property. If you want to have a higher rental return you can look at a high rise building. This is because usually young people or newly married couple are the ones who will look for a house to rent. They prefer to live in a high-rise building is because of the smaller size of house, lower price in rent and the convenience for them to go for work. Landed property has a much lower rental rate because of the rental price are more expensive and the house is much bigger.

Maintenance fee for building and serounding


Maintenance fee, if you are living in a landed property and it is in a gated community, you have lower maintenance fees because of its only pay for the security and the surrounding maintenance. But if you are living in a high-rise building like condominium / service apartment, the maintenance fees will be much higher because they need to keep all the facilities are in a good condition for the residence to use.

Personal maintenance of the household


What is personal maintenance? It is all about house renovation, appliances or services that needed. For landed property the cost for personal maintenance will be much more expensive because of all the thing that we needed are fully paid on our own but if in high-rise building some of the maintenance is being covered the management. Furthermore, some of the high-rise building is partly furnished the developer. They have provided some of the cabinets or air- condition in the house

Resale value of the property


The resale value of these type of property is different, it is also depending on the location and the size of the household. Usually, the resale value of the landed property is much higher as the demand to have a landed property has been increasing over the years. The resale value for high-rise building also will be increase depends on the type of the building, the location and also the maintenance of the building. All these are to determine the value of the property in future.