How to do interior design: The Minimalist way.

Out of all interior designs, minimalist is the most likely one of the famous ones in town. Minimal means less. Less is more they say. Trust me on this. It’s true! If you’re a fan of minimalism, here are some tips and advice on how to do it.

Declutter your home.

clutter 3

It might shock you, but clutter is very distracting and will affect the focus on your house. Studies have shown that people who are uncluttered are less stress and more productive.

Keep your sleek furniture and decorations.

Make sure you keep all your potential and sleek furniture. People often think they need to declutter everything they have but in fact they can keep the ones that are worth for this theme. It’s even better if they are all very far apart to create space. Repaint them to match with the overall tone.

Recycle old newspaper and magazines instead of piling them up in one place.

Some people like to buy the newspaper every day to find out about the news and magazines so that they could catch up with celebrity gossips, etc. There will be a time where you have nowhere to keep them so you keep stacking them up and it creates clutter. One way to solve this is by recycling them to the recycle centre you have near your house. It also guarantees better environment.

Simplify the colour scheme

minimalist table 4 (1)

Colour scheme helps to bring everything together. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your old wall colours before you start over. Here are few tips you can get from us!

Use one to three colours only.

To get into the minimalist way of designing your interior, you have to revamp your colour scheme. You can use maximum three colours only at a place/space. Too many colours will distract the attention.

Choose your colour combination.

Choosing colours can be very difficult but it is a crucial step. You can choose the colour combination which looks pleasing to the eyes. Create a neutral base or warm tone base to achieve the look of minimalism. For instance, grey tones or black and white.

Patterns are allowed.

People often think in minimalism there should not have patterns. It’s a big no. You can have patterns but not too much. Think of an outfit, if you wear too much pattern would it be too funky? You need to make sure the designs get along with the colours. You can use different textures which are similar. Remember, in the minimalist way, less is more!

DIY some decorations.

pendant lamp

Most minimalists like to have DIY decorations because it looks pure and just perfect. You too, can do this. Here are some simple DIY projects you can do to achieve this theme.

Gem mirror.

It is very famous DIY. You will only need a mirror, mirror cutting tools, metallic spray paint, sandpaper and a thick pair of gloves to start. Now everybody can have their own sophisticated and aesthetic mirror. It is beautiful, modern and full of style.

World map coffee table.

Have you ever wished for a different way to have your coffee or tea? Does world map coffee table seem extraordinary? Place a world map and put a glass on top or use a good plastic cover. Also, it serves excellent background if you need to take pictures for Instagram!

Hexagon pendant lamp.

Maybe you’ve seen this everywhere and wonder if you could just DIY instead of buying them. The answer is yes, you can! Here’s the secret to artistic hexagon pendant lamp. It is made of copper pipes! It is then combined using metal chains. (P/S: People won’t even know it was made from tubes.)

Vintage painting cabinet door.

Why not change your dull and boring cabinet door to a more sophisticated and artsy one! Use a vintage painting with a frame to stick on your cabinet door. This DIY will stand out and people might be asking “where did you get that?” while in fact, you did it yourself. Besides, it looks different and unique in its way. Now you can be proud of it!