How to build a small garden for your new home: A guide for a newbie

Are you looking for some ideas to start a small garden in your home? Sit back and relax because we’ve got your back! Here are some tips that you can get from us. First thing first, what are the plants of your choice? There’s plenty of options out there and can be found easily especially in the nursery. I know trying to figure out the one you want is hard because there’s just too many to choose. However, you have to restrain yourself from buying things you don’t need. It will only create clutter or mess.

Choose the plants you want in your garden.

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Succulents or cactus.

Make sure you know which plants you want in your garden and how it will look like if you’re going to mix and match. There’s a lot of variety you can choose. One of it is succulents and cactus. It is perfect if you’re a very busy person and only has time on the weekends. You can water them once a week!


Many of us, especially women, love to see beautiful flowers. If you’re always busy, this is not the one for you unless you have someone to take care of them. Because you need to water them frequently so that it will not wilt. They also need extra attention more than succulents and cactus. They are many options to choose from, such as roses, orchids, and bougainvillaea.

Vegetables and herbs.

If you love organic herbs and vegetables, you can try planting them in a small pot. Seeing them grow from seeds to tiny little shoots can be very satisfying. You can always pluck them to use in your cooking! By doing this, it will save your time from going to the grocery just to buy celery or spring onions for your soup.

The theme of your garden.

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Colourful and bright.

Selecting a theme is a very crucial step. If you want your garden to be the attention getter or the spotlight, this is the right one for you. You can have colourful pots or colourful flowers with some greens. It will bring your garden up and you will always be looking forward to seeing your garden every day.


In case you’re seeking for a warm welcome, you should go for pastels. If you’re a person who wants peaceful vibes, go for white and blue. Pastels are very popular nowadays. Having cool tones garden will bring the inner peace of you. The combination of roses and pastel pots are one of the most famous ones.

Fairy theme.

For the fairy theme, you can purchase miniatures to decorate, or you can DIY them. For instance, you can paint round stones to make it look like mushrooms or ladybug. Place fake butterflies on your decorations and it will seem just as fascinating. String lights or fairy lights can enhance the look of the garden at night.

DIY the garden of your dreams.


After you have done picking the plants together with the theme of your garden it is finally time to start putting it all together. Here goes the fun part. Instead of buying ready-made items, why not use the stuff you have at home and try to do-it-yourself (DIY).

Reuse old bottles and tins.

Your old bottles and tins will come in handy. You can reuse it to put your new plants. You can either hang it or put it on the shelves you have. Paint them to your desired colour based on the theme you have chosen.

Use the mason jar to put your small flowers or even your succulents.
We all get free mason jars when you go to a wedding ceremony or party as door gifts. You can use them on their own or try painting them. You will love the look it gives. It is so simple and easy isn’t?

Create an outdoor space.

You can create a small outdoor place for you to chill and have high-tea. Things you can use are your old coffee table and chairs. To complement your garden’s theme, paint them to the right colour.

Small flowerbed or pretty up the pallet.

To make use of the pallet, you need to stick it to a wall and start putting flowers by hanging them. It will look stunning. The flowerbed is even simple because all you need is a space where you can plant your flowers carefully to each other. When they bloom trust me, it will take your breath away.