House features: Wish list that every buyer should have!

We all have our dream house features isn’t? But, do we know what we need and what do we really want in our house? There’s one way to find out. We’ve gladly prepared some features you might want to have in your house! For instance, bedrooms and additional room feature, types of floor & etc.

Bedrooms and additional room features

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Walk-in closet

One of woman’s dream or even a fashionable man is to have a walk-in closet in their house. It is also one of the ways to display and organize your clothes, accessories, shoes and other things you might have. Some people say when they get into a walk-in closet, they feel motivated to dress up and be confident with it.

Laundry room

Things eventually get easier when you can do the laundry in a specific room where everything is there. The detergent, softener, bleach, baskets and everything all in one place and not sharing with other tiny space such as the kitchen. Having a laundry room can help you to keep all the dirty and smelly shirts away from people. P/s: The room smells good after you wash your clothes with your favourite scented detergent.

Home office/study room


Let’s say you’re working from home and in need of a private space to do your work properly, you’ll need a home office or study room. It really helps to get things done and most importantly, away from distractions such as the televisions or maybe the noise in your house? You can also provide study room for your kids so they can do their homework peacefully without any disturbance as well.

Guest room

Do you frequently receive guest at your home? Your siblings, relatives or even friends? If yes, you might want to provide a good hospitality such as the guest room so that they can stay over a night or two. It will be convenient for them instead of staying at the hotel.

Storage room

Finally, a room to store all your belongings that you rarely use. You can also use it to store all your clutter so your house will be cleaner and neat.

Room for leisure and entertainment


Home theatre/game room

If you and your family is a hardcore fan of movies and games, why not prepare a room for them. It’s going to be so much fun and your kids will also love it. It will also prevent everyone from fighting to use the main television in your living room.

Mini library

Are there any book lovers out there? If yes, then this one’s for you. You can have a mini library where you keep all your books. You can also spend time reading in the so-called heaven on earth!



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We always give excuses not to go to the gym or even exercise. If you have your own gym in the house, it will motivate and encourage you to exercise. It is the purpose of having it anyways. You’ll also save time from driving to the fitness centre. Now, you can do it in your house. Isn’t that amazing?

What’s the floor you wished for?



If you’re going for the minimalist or Scandinavian theme for your house, you might want to look out for hardwood because it is very special and minimal. It will enhance the theme as well as serving a good looking interior.


Did you know if you want a full carpeting, you can customize it? You can choose the types which vary from the material and colour. However, the cons for having carpets are very hard to clean if something spills on it and you have to call for an expert to clean it.



If you’re someone who is very particular in choosing the types of floor, you might want to look out for these suggestions. The first one is marble. Not all houses are structured with marble, only some of it. Marble is very elegant and easy to clean. Bonus point, it also won’t break.


This one is a very rare type especially here in Malaysia. But if you’re looking for something different, this will do. It will be the most elegant and beautiful floor. It will also amaze your company or guests.

The perfect purposeful outdoor space



If you have a huge outdoor space, you can invest in building deck, patio or gazebo. You can have your evening tea and spend good times with your family. It can also be a place where you rest your mind and just look at the surrounding and be grateful for what you have.

Swimming pool

Having a swimming pool at your own house is one of the best things on earth. You can swim whenever you want without any limit. (Unless mom tells you to get out from the water). It will also be a good view or maybe it will be favourite?

Huge yard

A huge yard is amazing because you can build your cat’s or dog’s house. It can also be a space where you can have a mini playground for the kids to play. Besides that, you can plant your favourite flowers or vegetables and see them grow. It will be very fascinating.



A balcony to see the sunset or sunrise? It’s a yes! You can breathe in the fresh air while enjoying the beautiful view. You can also hang some of your favourite plants so decorate it.

Kitchen features and amenities


Tile or hardwood flooring

When it comes to the kitchen, you can totally tell you need a different flooring than the other parts of the house. In this case, you can choose whether you want tiles or hardwood. Most people go for tiles instead of hardwood because it is cheaper. However, you need to choose the suitable tiles or else it will be slippery. In the end, it all depends on your budget.

Countertop table

Countertop table is very modern and sophisticated. It is a little bit different from the normal table because of the height. It is very recommended for a clean looking theme. You can have your breakfast on-the-go and off to work in a few minutes.

Formal dining area


If the countertop table is like an on-the-go table, you need a formal dining area where you and your family can have dinner together. It can also serve your guest instead of the countertop table which seems more casual.

Build in pantry cabinet

Are you good at cooking and always opt for home cooked instead of restaurants dine-in or drive-thru? You might want this built-in pantry cabinet to store all of your kitchen stuff in the pantry instead of having them everywhere and create a mess. It also helps to store them in place so it’s easy for you to use anything you want in your cooking.




A good night should end with a good bath. You can bath in the bathtub if you have one! It can be very relaxing and cosy. You can use bath bombs to create bubbles and soak in for an hour or so. Even so, you can have flower bath if you dislike bubble bath.

Vanity shelves

Do you have too much skincare and makeup? You might need a vanity shelf to place them together. So, it will be easier for you to use after the bath. Remember to find vanity shelf with a mirror so you can smile while looking at your own beautiful face.

Rain shower heads

There’s plenty of rain shower heads designs. The modern style would be the huge square one. It is very famous and I had to admit, it’s full of style. You can have them in each bathroom you have or pick the round shaped. It will be just as gorgeous.

Stone or tiles surface


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Bathroom floor should not be slippery or else you’ll fall on it. You can opt for stone or non-slippery tiles surface.