“Do’s” and “Don’ts” for your small living room decor

Looking for interior ideas? Need tricks to maximize space and decorate your small living room? This is the dos and don’ts ideas to redecorate your small living room to make it more alive, relax and beautiful. There are things that we should focus on, by making sure to use a suitable furniture, the color of the room and the proper ways to decorate it.

Make use of suitable furniture

Small living room decor H2

When you have a small living room, the buying process of furniture is very important because we need to look into the size and angle of the living room.
Firstly, you need to use small furniture to make sure that you will have an extra space to place other things as you can buy small sofas or coffee table. Secondly, use multiple storages to maximize the space such as television cabinet that includes book shelving and drawers as well. Also, you can have furniture that could give you other benefits for instance: have a sofa bed or mini stool that can shift to a small coffee table and much more!


As a reminder, do not buy oversize furniture because it may take a big space in your living room. If there’s is too many big pieces of furniture, the living room will look very clutter and you will not have any extra spaces. Secondly, do not buy any furniture that is tall or a long leg furniture. As example, a high chair or high side table will look like it’s taking more spaces in the room. You need to find furniture that is lower to the ground.


Use the right range of wall color


Choose the right color for your living room. The most basic range of color to use is by using soft color. Choosing the right color play a big role in making differences towards room environment. At time we could paint the whole room with the same color so that it will look less cramp. If you want to bring the room to look alive or have a texture towards it, make some combination with dark color or wallpaper on one side of the walls. This can be described as the feature wall because it can grab people in the room attention.


When painting a room, we might want to do some color combination for the wall. However, do not mix with too many colors and limit the colors of the room play with a combination of maximum 3 colors because too much color in the room will make the room look unpleasant. Secondly, when we have a living room try to not paint everything using a dark color because it can change the mood atmosphere.


Choose proper decoration and ways to place it


When we have a small living room, we need to fill up space in order to make it look much bigger. Placing a big rug or big mirror can bring illustration and reflection towards the living room. We can buy decoration that is made of glasses that could be see through as this can help the living room looks like it has more extra space as the scenery will not be blocked. Furthermore, we could play along with the angle of the house. For example, when there is a small edge in the living room, we can use it as small table areas or put transparent cabinets to display all of our small decoration.
Put some combination of green in the room, for example, you can have a small plant in the living room. The advantage of having this is that not only pop out the color but will help to circulate the air inside the room. Besides that, put the bright color of decoration like gold color art or frame because it can help to bring the light into the room and make it look brighter.


When we are about to arrange all of the furniture, try to not push everything towards the wall. Pull it to the center of the house so that it can make more illusion of extra spaces in the room. Do not cover up the spaces that we have such as try to minimize the amount of pillow that we would like to display on our sofa. Do not buy things that are not necessary or have any other purpose in the living room. Lastly, do not clutter the table with so many decorations and try to minimize thing on top of your counter or table. Also, try to avoid using big frame because it will take so many spaces.


Do not empty your wall put a little bit touch on it


When we have a small room, we could try to maximize the empty walls by put on the wall shelf to fully use the room. Also, we could use a high ceiling shelf covering the wall as this could help to save a lot of space in the living room. Hang some curtain but make sure it is cover from the top of the ceiling it will make the room look more elegant and have extra more spaces.


Do not clutter everything down on the floor, hang the thing up so it will be neater and we could have extra more spaces.Do not hang too many painting or frame on the wall because it will make the room look full and occupied. Lastly, avoid using drawers as it said before, hanging thing on the wall can bring extra spaces to the room