Best ways to keep your kitchen organize

You have a messy kitchen?? Looking for ways to keep your kitchen organized all the time? Here are the ways on how you could organize and fully use all the spaces in the kitchen by using containers, shelf, drawers and extra spaces! There’s some idea that we could look into.

Using containers and labels to organize

Mix and match the containers


As containers come in many shapes and sizes, you can choose those unique containers to do a mix and match. Mix and match them according to our need for spaces. For example, if we have square containers in our cabinet and there are some extra spaces, we can choose a tall container or small container so that it could fit together with the current containers.

Using basket or bin to keep all the jars and food


We can use a basket or a bin to keep all of our jars, appliances and many small things together. This could help us to keep everything organized and keep in one place in order to easily find it. For example, if we have many jars of spices, you can put them all in one basket. This will make it easy for us to use our spices without messing with others materials.

Label all the product and location


In order to make our findings easier while in the kitchen, you can put on a label on every product that we have. Let say there is a small cabinet to put all the spices, we could put a label on the cabinet door and we could also label the spices names so that we won’t get confused.

Color-coded kitchenware


Try to have an organized kitchen, by using color-coded to organize all of our material and food to make it more neat and beautiful. For example, we use green containers to keep all of the vegetable, red containers for meat and many more. Other than that we could have all the appliances and utensil in the same color to ensure that our kitchen will be more organized.

Fully used shelf and drawers

Stack all of the appliances


When we keep all of our appliances, try to organize them by stack it on top of each other to fully maximize the space that we have on the shelf. For example teacup, we could stack them on top of each other in order to have more space.

Fully use small shelving area


If we have the small extra shelving in our cabinet you can use it and do not let it be empty. What we can put is that all of the small cup or packet of spices that we use to cook and place it there to make it more organized and less messy on our countertop.

Have a pullout or hidden pantry


There will be a small space underneath of our cabinet or at the side of the cabinet. In this case, what we can do is create a small pull out pantry where we could store all of the small jars of spices or anything that is suitable to place it.

Use dividers in drawers


Use dividers in our drawers, all the utensil like fork spoon and knife, we do not want it to be laying around in the drawers just like that it can be hard for us to look for it. So what we can do is to put dividers to divide all the forks, spoon, knife and others as well, it can be much easier to take it.

Have a lazy susan / turn table


Lazy susan or a turntable can be very useful when we place it in our cabinets because of we could just turn the table and take what we need in the cabinet, it means here, we don’t have to hassle looking for thing inside of the cabinet.

Use upper level of the cabinet


For some houses they do have some extra spaces on top of the cabinet, what we can do is that fully use the space above the cabinets. We could place all of the kitchenware that is unused or put some extra shelf to keep all of our cup and plate.

Optimizing door and extra spaces on the cabinet

Install railing on cabinet doors


Fully use of some extra spaces that we have, at the end of the counter we could attach same railing or rack so that we could place our small towel or even cooking books at the side of the cabinet. Furthermore, inside of the cabinet door, we also could put a railing so that we can hang some small appliances like the kitchen towel, cleaning tools or can be a place to hang our cooking pan.

Use magnetic tape


Use magnetic tape on top of the counter or inside of the cabinet door. When we have this we could place our knife on the magnetic tape or even small spices jar we could place a magnetic tape and place it inside the cabinet so it will look more organized and easy to take out.

Fully utilize the areas around the kitchen

Place a small corner table or island


To fully utilize the kitchen, place a small table or an island in the kitchen so that it will be much easier to place our thing in the kitchen or used the extra spaces.

Organize everything according to section


To ensure that we use all the spaces, we have to make sure that we plan out our kitchen properly and place them all in the right place for example a place to store canned food make sure that is a place to store canned food or place for spices even all of the appliance are been keep in one single section so that it will be easy for us to look for the things that we want.

Keep your kitchen space clean


To have an organized kitchen, you have to make sure that you always keep your kitchen clean every time. When you have a clean kitchen, you will gonna have a beautifully organized kitchen all the time. For example, the countertop must always be clean after using the kitchen, the utensil is should be kept at the right place after cleaning, this is the ways that you could make sure the kitchen always organized.