Amazing and simple DIY ideas for home decor

If you’re thinking of having a makeover for your bedrooms, bathroom or living room, you’ve found the solution. We’ve got some good DIY home decor ideas for you. It is the simplest and easiest to do! Why splurge on expensive decorations if you can do it yourself (DIY) inexpensively? Let’s find out more about home decor ideas with us.

DIY for the bedroom


Some DIYs can be made to change the look or even making it a better place for you.The bedroom is one of our favourites! Who doesn’t love their bedroom right? It is the cosiest place in the world and will always have a space in your heart.

Revamp your fairy lights to a more sophisticated one!

Do you have string lights or most people call it fairy lights? Little did you know that you can use it in a more sophisticated way. Shape the ring lights according to shapes or even letters of your name. Use a metal wire to attach the lights.

Transform your dresser/cupboard to pattern ones

If you dislike the look of your regular dresser or cupboard you can change it to pattern ones by covering them with wallpapers or glossy wrapping paper. It is super simple and easy to do!

Pom-pom trims

Are you bored of your current pillows and curtains yet? You don’t need to change them. Yes, you’ve heard me. You only need to sew pom-pom trims to them! Get yourself some pom-poms, sewing kit, and you’re good to go!

Chalkboard to-do-list

Let’s get organized without an organizer because we’re going to use large chalkboard to-do-list! You know you’ve got things to be done but you always forgot about them. DIY your own to-do-list using adhesive chalkboard film. Even chalkboard markers are available, so you don’t need to use the real chalk.

Clothesline picture holder

The most inexpensive way to decorate your room is by using a string, collections of printed pictures and wooden clips. I recommend using paper clips if you don’t want to invest in buying wooden clips. You also can hang the photos to your fairy lights if you have one.

DIY Decor for living rooms


There’s a lot of DIY nowadays. But these are a few of our favourites!

Make use of an old candle or mason jars to pun small flowers

Sometimes we got used to using the same vase over and over again to put flowers, and it’s becoming too common. Candle and mason jars are one of the ways to display flowers. Try it now!

Bleach splattered chair

If you have a fabric chair, you can spray bleach and see how it changes to a splattered pattern. It looks fresh and unique.

Hang your cool and pretty plates

Instead of keeping your plates in the cupboard or display shelves, you can hang them for display. The bizarre ones usually make the best attention getter! They deserve the fame.

DIY terrarium

There are many ways to DIY terrariums. It is the most ideal and low-maintenance plants for decor. You can reuse your glass items you have at home, such as fish bowls, teacup, light bulbs, etc. Moss or other suitable plants, charcoal, gravel, soil and glass container are the basics! It’s as simple as ABC.

Gem mirror.

Having a large or medium size gem mirror will make it more elegant. You can try doing it by just using a mirror cutting set and a metallic gold spray paint to intensify it. Use thick gloves to avoid injury!

String art trophies

This art has been around for a while now. It serves as an art in simplicity. You’ve got to have wood according to the size you want, nails, hammer, assorted colours of embroidery floss and you’re good to go! Oh, be careful not to hurt yourself by being too excited doing this for the first time!

DIY decor ideas for the bathroom.

stone mat

We’ve prepared some affordable and inexpensive DIY for your bathroom to save your money! Make sure you to read until the end of this fantastic tips that will transform your bathroom into better one.

Stick pebbles or rocks to the outer surface of the bathtub

We all have seen those beautiful, luxurious bathtubs at the hotels or the designer’s shop. However, you don’t feel like splurging on them. Here’s the solution for you. Stick pebbles or beautiful rocks at the outer surface of your bathtub using cement. Polish them when you’re done and you’ll be surprised at how amazing they look.

Use mason jar tissue holder/toothbrush holder

Instead of using the standard tissue/toothbrush holder, you can use mason jar! It will look just as stunning.

Pebbles bath mat

Transform your bath mat to a pebbles one. You can use pebbles or any suitable rocks to create this. Use hot glue gun to stick the pebbles or stones to your mat. Dry them, and you can use it right away!

Wall arts

Have you ever go to the beach and pick up beautiful seashells to bring home? Do you still have them? If yes, you can do wall art with them. You can make decorations out of them by pasting them into a coloured wood. Then, you can hang them how you want it.