Home safety tips that could make your house in safe environment

Keep the loved one feels safe at home. Here are some great ideas on home safety tips which includes bedroom, kitchen and bathroom area that we could implement in every household. We should also ensure the safety of our family including the fire safety and the security of our house.


The bedroom is the place where we spend most of our time and the children are always playing in their bedroom. Hence, here are the things that we need to be aware :

Avoid having sharp object


We must make sure that there is a no sharp object. It can lead to too many accident and injuries to the children or ourselves. For example, knife, sewing pin and pointed object.

Clear out the baby crib area


If we have a baby crib in the room, try to make the surrounding of the crib clean and clear from any object because small children especially babies love to grab things around them. This will lead to a serious injury towards the small child.

Do not smoke


To avoid any burning or unhealthy environment, do not smoke inside your room. This will create an unhealthy environment because of the smoke from the cigarettes and it may trigger the fire in the room if we did not discharge the cigarettes properly. Also, sometimes we might not aware that we may fall asleep when we are smoking whereas this situation can also cause a fire to your room.

Keep your belonging or small weapon near your bed


For our own safety purpose, each time before going to bed make sure that you place your keys, phone, torchlight and a small weapon near your bed or beside you in case of any unwanted emergency happen.


The kitchen is the main area where we cook in our daily life. However, sometimes accident could happen and in order to prevent accident to happen, we could :

Install Smoke alarm


It is possible for the kitchen to get burn or firing trigger whenever we are cooking. Therefore, it is very important for us to have a smoke detector to give an advance alert before things could get worse.

Keep sharp object at a secure place


In the kitchen, there are full of dangerous and sharp object. We need to make sure that all those appliances are been keeping in the right place, away from the reach out of children. The best ways are by keeping all the sharp appliance in a high storage place so that they won’t easily climb to get it.

Keep all the electrical cord neatly


We use many electrical appliances in the kitchen, example: oven, microwave, toaster and many more. To avoid any incident happen is by making sure all the electrical cord well kept. Try to avoid from hanging around the counter and stove because it may cause an electrical trip or cause of fire.

Proper air ventilation


Cooking is one of our daily routines, therefore, to ensure our safety we need to install a proper ventilation. This ventilation purpose is to keep our family safe from exposing to smoke. By installing a proper ventilation, we can have a good airflow in our home living.


A bathroom is a place where we clean up ourselves and there are many substances that are toxic and dangerous inside the bathroom. So here are the things that we need to take care of all the time:

Cleaning and washing appliances


All appliances that we use to clean the house such as household cleaners, poison, and toxic should be kept in a secure place to avoid from the reach of children. This is because sometimes children are not aware of dangers of the product and they may accidentally use the product.

Anti-slip mat


Have you ever experience falling in the bathroom because of the wet floor? This kind of situation is very dangerous because it causes many unwanted accidents to happen. Therefore, what we can do is by having an anti-slip mat in our bathroom because it can help to prevent from falling in the bathroom.

Keep it dry


Another way to make sure that the bathroom is saved by making sure that we always clean our bathroom and keep it dry. It may be hard to keep the bathroom dry all the time, but try to make sure it is clean from bacteria.

Emergency kit


Every household needs to have at least one emergency kit. It is important to have this emergency kit because it is the first hand of medic in your house before attending the clinic or hospital. It also helps to treat your family if there are any small injuries.


A staircase or stairways is a bridge to connect a building from one floor to another, but it is also a dangerous place to play around as many accidents have happened. These are ways to keep it safe all time:

Railing on stairs


If you have stairs in your house and have children or old folks living together with you, it is the best ways to install railing on both sides of the stairs and make sure it is tight and secure. We don’t want anyone to fall out from the stairs.

Safety gate


When we have small children in our home, make sure that the safety of the house is totally secure. Hence, if we have a stair in our house they will tend to climb the stairs so what can we do is to avoid it by installing a safety gate at the stairs.

Clean and dry


To ensure the stair is safe to use, make sure that we always keep a clean stairs all the time. Try to keep things or toys away from the stair and make sure it is dry all the time. This can avoid people slipping or falling from the stair.

Fire safety tips

A fire could happen anywhere unintendedly. Many things can be a cause of fire to trigger. Below are the tips for you to be well prepared in facing this issue:

To have a fire escape plan


For our own safety reasons, it is good to have a fire escape plan in our household as a reminder for us to not be panic. If a thing like this ever happens, we will always be prepared for thing that needs to be done and the best ways to get out of the situation.

Fire resistance materials


For extra precaution, we could purchase a fire resistance furniture or materials. This can help to avoid thing to catch on fire easily.

Switch off plug


Every time after we are done using all the electrical instrument, make sure that we switch off the plug and pull out the plug. This can help to prevent any shock circuit to happen because shock circuit can be the main reason for a fire to start.

Fire extinguisher


Buy some fire extinguisher and have it on every floor of the house. This is the best and fastest ways to put out a fire if it ever happens in our household.

Beware of hot appliance


If we are using any hot appliance at home, we must make sure to keep aware of it all the time because if we are not careful on this kind of appliance, it may be the reasons to cause a fire.

Security safety tips

Our safety is very important and there are many things that we should consider for our safety especially in our own home. The security of safety can be focus on many different aspects and here are the list of security safety tips :

Install a security system


Installing a security system in our house by having this security system can help up to keep track of what is happening in our household. If there is a case of robbery, we could use the footage as evidence for the police investigation.

Double check on door

Open Door Lock Key House Opening Door Security
Open Door Lock Key House Opening Door Security

Every time we want to leave the house, make sure that we double check on all of the door and window. It is to ensure that all of doors and windows have been properly lock and secure because sometimes we may tend to forget to do so.

Keep our home keys at a suitable place


Sometimes we will put our extra key at the bottom of the doormat, under the flower pot or in the mailbox in order to have backup keys just in case of any emergency. This is a dangerous way because people can easily find the keys and break into our house. Place it in the place where people could not find it.

Display emergency contact


For the safety of the household, make sure that we know the emergency contact if anything ever happens. List of emergency contact that we need to have which includes all of the hotlines from a police station, ambulance, firefighter and also our family contact number. All this emergency contact need to be displayed in the visible place such as place it on the fridge or notice boards.

Safety box


Safety box is very important and every household should have at least one safety box. The purpose of this safety box is to keep all of our important document, money, and jewelry all in a safe place. This is to prevent all robbery to take our important document.

Keep fence up


When we have a large property or extra land in our compound, we should build up a fence for our own safety. This is to prevent any unauthorized people to be on our property. Having up fence also is a safe way to keep our children to play inside the compound without worrying that they could run off to play on the street.

Talk to neighbor


When we live in a community place, it is good for us to be nice and get to know who is our neighbor and people that we could trust. At a time when we are going for a vacation or out of town, we could inform our neighbor that we will be leaving our house and ask them to have a look or inform us if anything goes wrong to our house.