6 Things to Do Before Going on Vacation

There are so many things that need to be done before going on a vacation, and we’re not talking about stuffing all the essentials into a suitcase. When leaving your home vacant for an extended period of time, you need to make sure that the water pipes aren’t leaking, the gas lines are closed, and the refrigerator is free of perishables. Most importantly, you need make sure your home is protected. Here are 6 tips to keep your home safe on your next vacation.

  1. Keep some lights on


You probably know by now that having the lights on constantly is an easy indicator of an empty home. But if you know a way to turn the lights on and off, you have yourself a convenient method of keeping burglars at bay. One option is to use a timer that allows you to set different times for different days. Using a timer for the interior lights also gives off the impression that someone is home. This prevents burglars from picking up on any patterns. For exterior lights, it may be best to use motion sensor lights because who wants to be put into the spotlight, especially when breaking the law?

  1. Have high-security features

Burglars know that one can’t just huff and puff and blow the walls down, but breaking down the glass in windows and doors is a much easier endeavor. To prevent burglars from targeting the weakest link in your home, think about installing sensors that will go off when disturbed. Just make sure to notify your absence to the police and alarm company so no one complains that you’re a negligent homeowner. You may also be interested in installing security cameras around the home. Recent ones can be remotely controlled from a mobile device and notify you by text if any suspicious activity is detected.

  1. Lock everything


You will always remember to lock the front doors when leaving for a vacation, but did you remember to lock all the windows? Pet doors may seem insignificant, what with its size and position, but actually give easy access to unwanted visitors. Garage doors are also an easy target. Most people rarely lock them on a daily basis so garage doors are usually overlooked when locking down a home.

  1. Stop all the deliveries

Another easy indicator of an empty home is a pile of newspapers and mail, unless of course your home is generally overflowing with month-old garbage. Contact your local postal office and newspaper company to have them hold the mail and stop the newspaper deliveries for you.

  1. Stay discreet


We live in a time when people post pictures of their Burger King dinner, videos of their dogs sleeping, quizzes as to which cereal matches your personality, and articles on why you should try out the new chocolate chip Oreos. These are all fine to post on social media, but don’t make a public announcement of how long you’ll be gone for vacation. Even if you think your post is only visible to your friends and family, you never know who they share information with. While you’re at it, delete the “gone for vacation” message on your answering machine. It’s the same thing as handing a stranger the keys to your home.

  1. Ask for help

Do you have really friendly neighbors? Or maybe you have a relative who lives nearby? Ask them to check on your house from time to time to make sure that all the doors and windows are intact. If possible, ask them to pick up the newspaper, take out the trash, or mow the lawn so that it looks like someone still lives there. Just make sure to shower them with souvenirs when you come back.

Nobody likes to come home from an exciting vacation to find out that valuables are gone but burglars are always on the lookout for an easy home to break into. Make sure to use this list so you don’t end up being their next victim!

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Images: windowmaintenance.com, homayan.com, popularmechanics.com, howtogeek.com