Down to Earth or Sky High: Where Should You Live?

One of the first steps in choosing a home is to decide between a landed house and a high-rise property. Several urban development projects are underway in Malaysia, which has resulted in an increase in the number of high rise condominiums. These properties are jaw-dropping in design, but does that imply that it is better than the traditional landed house? Here are 9 things to consider when deciding between landed and high rise properties.

  1. Space

Do you own any outdoor pets? Do you want to prepare dinner in the kitchen while watching your kids play in the pool? Do you love the smell of grass and the sound of tree leaves shifting with the wind? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should look into buying a landed home. Landed homes not only come with more space for a growing family but also a backyard. Whether you use it for gardening, for a playground, or for the pets, you will always have an outdoor space of your own when you want to escape the confines of being indoors. You also have the option to expand your home, in case you end up having more children than bedrooms. This is not the case for a high rise property, where the number of bedrooms is set and the only outdoor space is the concrete balcony.


  1. Maintenance

If you can’t tell left from right when it comes to plumbing or electrical work, you may need to rely on someone else to do the dirty work. With a high rise property, the company in charge of managing the building takes care of all the maintenance work. The downside is that occupants need to pay for the maintenance fees (also known as the homeowners’ association fees) and the amount depends on the quality of the high-rise. If you have the time, money, and skills to maintain the house as well as the garden, you should definitely consider a landed home as well.

  1. Security

Imagine a house in a quiet neighborhood. The house is surrounded by a wooden fence and the scarcity of lampposts creates a serene ambiance suitable for the quaint suburbs. Now imagine a high rise condominium. The only way to reach your unit is through the lobby and up the elevators, both of which require a special key. Which one would you consider breaking into if you wanted to steal some valuables? Unless you are Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, you would break into the house. The 24 hour security system in a high rise is hard to disable and the security guards are always on the lookout thanks to the high-quality surveillance cameras. If safety is of major concern in your decision-making, then a high rise property will better suit your needs.

  1. View

Everyone likes a good view. Whether it’s the ocean, the lush mountains, or the city lights, having a view is a major deal sealer for some people. Given that you are on the upper floors, a high rise will usually come with a beautiful view of its surroundings. On the other hand, a landed home could give you a view into your next door neighbor’s bedroom. Now would want to see the charming old lady changing into her pajamas?

  1. Freedom

Finding the perfect home is like finding a needle in the haystack: there will always be something missing, or something you need to change. Once you obtain ownership of a landed house, you have the freedom to renovate and/or remodel the place to your liking. Want a bigger kitchen? Go ahead and knock down that living room wall. High rise properties, on the other hand, require you to abide by the rules set forth by the homeowners’ association. You may be able to make a few changes here and there but there is less flexibility in what you can do.


  1. Community amenities

One of the biggest factors in choosing a property is the availability of community amenities. Some high rise properties offer a relaxing pool and hot tub, a fully equipped fitness center, a 24 hour concierge, lounges with billiards table and seating area, a media room to fulfill your gaming and movie-watching needs, and/or a library to satisfy your craving for books. Landed houses also offer a wide range of community amenities, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, an interactive playground for children, a dog park complete with a fire hydrant, and/or a BBQ area for outdoor summer parties. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, however, you may not use all of the available amenities. Prioritize what is necessary for you and your family when making the decision between landed or high rise.

  1. Accessibility

Landed houses usually require amble space to be built and so are usually found outside of the city in the suburbs. High rise properties, on the other hand, are more likely to be close to the city center so you may have an easier time commuting to work and retaining your social life. Retail shops and restaurants may be housed on the ground floor so you may not even have to walk ten steps to satisfy your needs.


  1. Source of income

If there was a way to make extra money every month, would you be interested? If so, I recommend buying a high rise property and renting it out. From the renter’s point of view, it is cheaper to rent out a unit rather than an entire house. It is also more convenient and economical because maintenance is managed by the lessee. From the lessee’s point of view, it costs less to maintain a unit rather than an entire house.

  1. Resale value

As land becomes less available, there is an increase in competition for ownership of a landed house. An increase in demand results in an increase in value, which can be further increased with renovations. High rise properties have their share of advantages in that they are easier to attract potential homebuyers with its prime locations and convenience.

Depending on your preferences and needs, you may find one to be a more desirable option over the other. If you have a growing family or want the freedom to customize your home to match your personality, you will want to go with a landed house. If, on the other hand, you are a single adult who is looking to save time on maintenance and to relieve any concerns over safety, then you might want to look into high rise properties. Either way, NuProp  offers a huge list of newly launched properties to suit your particular lifestyle. Check it out and start your journey to your dream home!

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