Study Room Design Ideas: The Modern and Flexible Way

Have you been longing to have a modern and flexible study room for you to study peacefully and happily? Well, I can say you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few things you can do to decorate your study room which is keeping it simple to avoid clutter and etc.

The layout of the room


Give yourself a view

The layout will determine the amount of space you will have in the end. So it is very important to have an excellent one. Before deciding where you want to place your table, find a view you’d love to see while doing your work. For instance, the skyline view, street view or garden view.

Adopt the classy Scandinavian style

Other than minimalist style, Scandinavian is also one of the famous ones! You should opt to be minimal in everything because you obviously don’t need extra furniture or anything else which might create clutter.

Make space for resting area

Yes, you’d still need a resting area even though you’re going to study in that room. We’re not robots, so we need a little break sometimes. Having a sofa bed will be convenient for you. Trust me, you’ll need some time to rest.

Organization & storage options


Built in desk, cabinets and shelves

To get everything organized, you need a good organizing option. Build in desk, cabinets & shelves will help you save some space. It will also help you to keep your books & documents in place.

Use pegboard or corkboard

You can organize your things by hanging them on the pegboard or corkboard. You can pin important notes or to-do-list on your board or you can get creative by hanging all of your stationery.

Use storage box with style

All you need is coloured or patterned wrapping paper, scissors & some tape to start with this one. Firstly, you need to wrap your storage box with the wrapping paper. Then, arrange the boxes nicely. Label them if you need to. Now, you have beautiful boxes which adds a few cheerful vibes to your room.

The colour scheme

kaboompics_Color Palette Guide. Sample Colors Catalog. (1)

It affects the lighting

One thing you should know is that colour affects the lighting. A perfect colour creates the perfect lighting. Your study room should not be a dark place. It should be a comfortable place with a subtle lighting.

Cool and warm tones depending on your personality

You can choose either cool tones or warm tones colour for your room. Cool tones will seem bright while warm tones look more minimal.

Avoid red tones

One of the colours to avoid is red tones. Why? Because it might cause frustration. In order to avoid any negative vibes, you have to also avoid red colour, especially for the paint.

Inspirational art


Quotes or sayings on canvas or frames for display

Free quotes & free editors are all over the internet. You can get unlimited quotes from Pinterest or Weheartit for free. Free photo editor such as Canva also can be used to come out with your own design. If you’re a person who likes to try new things, you can paint them on canvas. You’ll like the way it turned out. Trust me. Art doesn’t need to be perfect because imperfection is a beauty. If you’re a person who likes to do things real quick, you can print out any desired quotes & frame it!

Add a hint of fun by hanging colourful flags with motivational words

Study room doesn’t need to be dull & boring. Why not add up some fun accents by hanging colourful flags! Party flags with the colourful & patterned element is a cool way to decorate your room. You can even DIY it if you have the tools. You can print & paste the letters on the flags. For example, you can use the word “Believe” or “Hustle”.