The Psychology of Wall Color

Do you ever fight with a friend or family member over what color to paint the walls? You want purple walls but she wants yellow. Well, you’ll be happy to know that this conflict happens all the time. The first step in resolving this issue is to understand that there’s more to color than just being a pretty form of decoration. You think you want the purple walls because you just like the color, but there’s a deeper meaning behind your preference. A color is not only a way for people to express their personality, but also a big factor in changing people’s emotions. Interested in learning what your favorite color says about you? Scroll down to find out!


Wall Color 02

When you think of red, the first thing that pops to mind is fire. And just like the burning flames of fire, red is an intense color that can make people feel invigorated. So it makes sense that people who are drawn to red are energetic, vigorous, passionate, and outgoing. They radiate confidence, causing everyone to turn their heads, and they love being in the spotlight. The adrenaline associated with this color makes it suitable for the gym or dining room.


Wall Color 03

Just as the sun radiates energy and gives off the light, people who prefer yellow can instantly brighten up your day. Their cheerful and charming personality makes everyone feel welcome. Those who choose yellow are natural leaders and mediators. So choose a yellow color when you want to brighten up the room.


Wall Color 04

The color orange is a mixture of red and yellow and so those who prefer orange are both energetic and cheerful. Because of their enthusiasm, people who prefer orange are seen as friendly and curious, which is why everyone wants to be around them. Due to its magnetic properties, the color orange is suitable for gathering spots such as the living room.


Wall Color 05

When you think of the great outdoors, you probably imagine a lot of greenery. So it should come as no surprise that people who prefer green are down to earth. They may often find themselves giving advice to others; this is because we naturally see people with practical and calm personalities to be reliable and sincere. The color green also has a soothing effect on the nerves, which is why a lot of people like to immerse in nature. This color of tranquility is best for living rooms, bedrooms, or a yoga room.


Wall Color 06

What do the cloudless skies and the clear ocean waters have in common? That’s right, they’re both blue! Blue is a symbol of tranquility, and those who choose blue seek a calm, relaxing atmosphere in their home. For this reason, blue is an optimal choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.  


Wall Color 07

Most people associate purple with royalty and the color is often perceived as being glamorous and unique. For the same reasons, people who choose purple are confident, adventurous, and ambitious. Because of its artistic vibe and trendiness, this color may be suited for a fancy living room.


Wall Color 08

Grey is perceived as a very sophisticated color that is usually associated with wealth and success. Most people who choose grey prefer to do business in the comfort of their own space.  


Wall Color 10

Though often associated with gothic clothing, the color black can actually be a sign of maturity. Those who like black are independent and like to have structure in life. In order to give off the sophisticated feel, it is best to use black as accents rather than as a wall color.


Wall Color 09

White can be perceived in two ways. On one hand, white is the classic wall color for a modern home. Using neutral colors throughout the room can make the person look sophisticated with a good taste in interior design. White also makes the contemporary paintings and funky art pieces stand out. Meanwhile, conventional homes usually use white paint for all the rooms. People who live in such homes just couldn’t decide between Paradise Sky, Placid Sea, Azure Lake, and Explorer Blue. Because white is a default color, it can be used for any and all the rooms in your home.  

Want an oasis for your master suite? Then blue may be a good choice for the walls. Want a bright, cheerful kitchen? Then why not go for yellow? Now that you know the psychology behind colors, it should be easier to choose your next paint color. Let your home reflect who you are or who you want to be perceived as. Like us on Facebook for more postings like this, and if you’re looking for a new home, check out NuProp for an expansive list of newly launched properties!